Professional sports broadcasters travel the world, and eat cuisine from different cities on a daily basis. So, naturally, most broadcasters can be relied upon to give accurate critiques of the food in the cities they visit.

Enter: New York Mets' play-by-play broadcaster, Gary Cohen.

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In his return from a week of vacation, Cohen made waves yesterday with his opinion on one of Cincinnati's self-proclaimed delicacies, Skyline Chili. Here's what he said...

Cohen set Cincinnati Twitter on FIRE with his criticism of their chili. It appears that a number of residents believed that Gary Cohen was attacking not only their chili, but also their culture.

Wanting to do right by the citizens of Cincinnati, Gary Cohen amended his take.

This is exactly what makes the New York Mets' broadcast booth one of the best in baseball, if not the best. Television broadcasters have the ability to depart from the play more than radio broadcasters, which allows for more time to entertain. The dynamic between Gary, Keith and Ron has always been top-notch, with each of the three gentlemen providing their own unique perspective. Gary Cohen is often forced into the role of the ringleader, but can also steal the spotlight from time to time.

Needless to say, I'm curious to see what happens the next time the Mets' booth crew travels to Cincinnati. I have a sneaking suspicion that Gary Cohen might have himself a heaping plate of regret placed in front of him.

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