Did you know a "food desert" was a thing? A new Schenectady grocery store will be going right into one.

It was definitely the first time I have ever seen the saying "food desert" when I came across it in a Times Union story about a new grocery story that is in the works for downtown Schenectady. But it means what you think it would meant, describing basically an area or neighborhood that is in need of a supermarket or grocery store. That is just what could be coming to Liberty Street in the Electric City, across the street from the police station (OrthoNY currently resides there and is planning a future move).

The unique thing about this potential new store is it will be a food coop. The first question I asked is "What does it mean to be a food coop?"

According to grocery.coop "...food coops are totally independent and owned by the community members who shop there....(and)...food co-ops focus on their community — nourishing everyone according to their budget and cooking style." Coops also focus on featuring local food from farmers and they make a major effort to give back to the neighborhoods they serve.

The Times Union says the Honest Weight Food Coop is eyeing the Liberty Street spot to join 3 other locations currently operating in Albany. At this point the coop is is still "exploring" the possibility of a store at the site, but it certainly has potential to move forward and become a reality as as the site is a great fit for their downtown business model.

Hopefully  that Downtown Schenectady "food desert" will soon be a "food oasis."

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