K. Michelle showing the world she's unstoppable! She has many projects still on the horizon, including new music. Check out the new single & go behind the scenes with K. Michelle right here!


Fresh off of The Rebellious Soul Tour, the success of the Rebellious Soul debut album,  & her VH1 Edris Elba produced musical, K. Michelle couldn't be happier!

She just got her own show for VH1 "My Life" coming in November & she is still releasing new R&B. K. Michelle told us her inspiration:

“The artwork for the track was developed solely from a creative standpoint and our goal was to construct a visually appealing piece of art to accompany this song that means so much to me,” said K. “We came from a very pure state of mind with positive energy. We wanted my audience to see a view where there are no actual humans involved, but instead figures displayed to represent people. I hope you all love it as much as I do.