There seems to be something about Kanye West that Naughty By Nature's Treach just doesn't like. Throughout the day yesterday, Treach posted a number of meme's taking shots at Kanye, focusing specifically on his wife Kim Kardashian and comments that Kanye allegedly said, calling Tupac the most overrated rapper in history.

While Treach may not be alone in perceiving Kim's influence on Kanye's public persona as negative, the Pac comments were merely hearsay, and the memes take a significant amount of liberty in portraying Kim as the dominant decision maker in the relationship. Perhaps nothing sums up Treach's Kanye opinions better than the tweet that reads, "Fuck Kanye his Opinion & Kims Clothes he wears!!"

What's perhaps most peculiar about the shots, is that Kanye's alleged comments from September of 2014 is from a fake news story. So either Treach is behind in the news cycle, was reminded of the comments randomly, has a hatred for Kanye that knows no boundary or is taking an opportunity to posit himself in rap headlines.

Naughty by Nature, as it happens, is going on tour starting January 27th to commemorate the 25th anniversary of their debut self-titled album. The group is also releasing a new EP in celebration, and later in the day yesterday, Treach posted a picture with Raekwon writing that the two were in the lab together. Catch all of Treach's tweets below and see if Naughty by Nature will be stopping in your city soon.

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