'Nashville' was on hiatus for a few weeks, and we sure missed it. Bad news, though. It's just as we thought: Peggy died. A montage with Juliette singing showed sad family scenes, and Teddy did a heartbreaking press conference at the very beginning of the episode. We can't say we're super sad to see her go, but maybe her death will make us actually care about Teddy as a character? Only time will tell.

Let's get down to the meat of the episode. Juliette and Avery have some intense eye stuff going on in a scene that's supposed to show how they love each other but can't be together, and ohhhhh, our patience is wearing thin with these two!

Um, awkward. Will's two lovers, Brent and Layla, are debating where he might be (remember how he stood in front of a train last episode and the writers unconvincingly tried to trick us into thinking he might be the one who died?). It's very scary. On the good news front, Kelly Clarkson wants to record one of Scarlett and Gunnar's songs! She apparently exists in this fictional universe! Yay!

People are protesting Juliette wherever she goes because she broke up the marriage of Charlie and Olivia, and OMG, would people really care enough about a rich couple's marriage to protest Juliette? I think not. But, this is 'Nashville,' so we're rolling with it.

Juliette actually talks back to a protester who insulted her mom. It was pretty badass, but of course it comes back to bite her. Juliette's "There is no God" comment was recorded and uploaded to a gossip site. Can we say we are so tired of the plot lines where Juliette's reputation gets ruined? We get it, she's a spark plug, she's unpredictable, she says crazy stuff and comes from a trashy background. She's too much for mainly Christian and conservative country fans to take! But this feels like the fifth time this has happened on this show, and meh.

Will is found by Gunnar out in the wilderness and full of self-hatred. They have a really intense emotional talk, and Gunnar promises to be there for Will no matter what, especially if he's feeling suicidal. Gunnar says it's the 21st century and it's OK to be "whatever." That's SO TRUE, and we hope Will takes it to heart. Of course, he'll have to keep his annoying beard, but he won't be the first male celebrity to have a beard, right? And having a beard is always better than committing suicide.

Deacon's having songwriting trouble, and he's annoyed at his girlfriend. Let's hope this is a plot device to get Deacon and Rayna back in each other's orbits! We should also mention that Rayna's struggling with how to launch her album and realizing that the songs she's recorded aren't necessarily single material. The stakes are high because she's basically put everything in her life into Highway 65. If the record label fails, she will have failed. Eek!

Apparently, someone is still trying to kill Teddy, so he tells Rayna to take the girls and lie to them about how busy he is at work. That's a GREAT thing to tell two tweens who just saw their stepmother murdered before their eyes! We have so many qualms with Teddy and Rayna's parenting, cute as their girls may be.

A protestor throws black paint on Juliette, which is scary and traumatic for the viewer as well as for the character. Things are getting bad in regards to Juliette and public opinion, so Juliette needs Layla to tell the truth about the conversation Juliette had with the protestor. Layla agrees for the sake of the tour (and so Juliette will be indebted to her, duh).

Yay, Scarlett and Gunnar perform for Kelly Clarkson and she loves it! We also detect some leftover love between them, no matter much how Gunnar says he loves Zoe and no matter how much Scarlett is all into her re-love with Avery. Kelly wants the two of them to hole up together and write some songs for her new album, but Scarlett says she's not able to write with Gunnar anymore because emotions. Gunnar, understandably, is hurt and pissed. Kelly just looks confused. Thankfully, Scarlett and Avery decide to break up because of some metaphor involving slippers. For a second we thought Zoe and Gunnar might, too, but then they kiss and say "I love you." YUCK.

Layla does a press conference for Juliette and all is well... kind of. Then Rayna decides to write a new hit single for her new album! Hopefully, she'll get her songwriting mojo back, but we have a feeling she's going to need a little bit 'o Deacon to do it.

Scarlett moves... onto the tour bus? Guess she has nowhere else to go. Did she forget she has a super nice, now sober uncle named Deacon who would be happy to put her up in his manly, country-chic home? Maybe she just needs another excuse to look sad and forlorn. Meanwhile, Avery calls Juliette to let her know he's there for her, and OMG, we want them to get together so badly now. Such a turnaround from last season, where even a glimpse of Avery made us feel nauseated. Juliette doesn't get the call because she is crying in front of a news program showing "Anti-Juliette Sentiment Growing," which seems way too dramatic and insane to be anything close to what would happen if a country singer did something non country-singerish.

The episode ends with another montage of sad people, this one adorably soundtracked by Maddie and Deacon. Next week, we can look forward to appearances from Zac Brown Band and Rascal Flatts, as well as a possible overdose or suicide attempt from Juliette. Personally, we can't wait!