Few things are more mundane than the ABCs once you're over the age of 5. However, XXL adds some excitement to reciting the 26 letters of the alphabet by having some of your favorite buzzing rappers go from A to Z and do some word association off the top of the dome. Here, we present 2020 XXL Freshman Mulatto's version of the ABCs.

The Atlanta native is known for her southern swag and no-nonsense bars, but she offers a lighthearted, playful side in XXL's ABCs. In the clip, Mulatto shows love to her sister, Brooklyn, lets fans know her favorite type of hot wings plus where to buy them in ATL and states plainly that she's here to stay.

"C is for cash," Big Latto says. "All about that cash. On that 'Cash Shit.' Aye! Shout-out to Meg," she adds, bigging up 2019 XXL Freshman Megan Thee Stallion's song.

Then she discusses her hopes to have a long, fulfilling career in the rap game. "L is for longevity," she affirms. "I hope to have longevity in this rap game. Longevity with my money. Just longevity."

Later on in the alphabet, Mulatto makes it clear that if your bank account is on the skimpier side, you should probably stay out of her DMs.

"N is for no broke niggas allowed," she reveals while chuckling. "Facts. Do not slide in my DM if you broke. This costs a lot, period.

And dudes should come correct with the paper. "O is for only rich niggas allowed," Latto adds. "Mmhmm, see what I did there? Yeahhh."

For P, Mulatto gives a nod to her own lyrics in her 2020 XXL Freshman freestyle, taking a page from Blac Chyna's playbook. "P is for pimpin' these niggas like Chyna," the 21-year-old ClayCo rep offers. "I said that in my freestyle."

Check out Mulatto's version of the ABCs below.


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