Parents of the year this weekend goes to these two lovely ladies. The memorial weekend turn up must have been so real. So real in face these two women have been arrested for leaving their kids home so they could party for Memorial Weekend. We always hear about dead beat dads but these women are the definitions of dead beats.

Meet Kionna Moret, 27, is now facing charges of child neglect and child endangerment after someone called police to report her son being left to fend for himself Saturday. All to go 2 states away to black bike week in South Carolina.

Here is what the neighbor found.....

“I looked over at him and said, ‘Hey, is your mom home? I need to talk to her.’ He got very hesitant and I said again, ‘I need to talk to your mother. Is she home?’ He hesitated again and he said ‘no.’”

According to the woman, the 8-year-old then told her his mother wasn’t planning to come home to Suffolk until Monday.

“I said, ‘Monday?’ and I said, ‘Who is staying with you?’ He said, ‘Nobody, I’m home alone.’ And then I said, ‘You’re home by yourself?’ He said, ‘Yes, my mom said I was old enough because I took Taekwondo.’”

She said the boy told her he had pre-made corned beef hash and pizza for food along with a cell phone to check in with his mom every hour. The boy told her he was to keep her travels a secret.

“He said his mother had told him that she would spank him until he could not sit down if he told anybody,” said the woman.

Can't forget this lovely Mom who was runner up who left 7 kids at home so she could go to Miami this weekend and turn up...

This is a damn shame.... What kind of mother leaves her kid/kids to go party OUT OF STATE. I feel sorry for these kids its obvious they weren't wanted. I'm sure these women didn't go by them selves their friends who encouraged them to do this are just as bad as them.