Spring has taken hold here in Upstate New York, but Old Man Winter is going down with a fight.

When we got a dusting here in the Capital Region last week, while the snow was a little annoying, it was neat waking up screams from my kids of "It's snowing!" on an April morning. I think they were just as thrilled as I was annoyed by the sight! Later this week, the sight will most likely return for some, be it thrilling or annoying.

While it will certainly be cold enough for snow with a low of 30 degrees, the immediate Albany area should only see some snowflakes mixing in with rain Wednesday night into Thursday according to the Weather Channel forecast. However, areas north and west of the city could see some accumulation. Snowfall models from the National Weather Service are saying parts of the Adirondacks like Indian Lake and Old Forge could see anywhere 2 to 4 inches of snow depending on the location. As this system moves across the United State, several parts of the country have Winter Weather advisories in place.

As far as headaches go, this storm really won't be a nuisance here for us in the Capital Region. But it will be a great reminder that most years we really do not move on from all signs of winter here in Upstate New York until the calendar turns to May. Nothing like a little bit of snow to keep you from getting overexcited about a spring stretch warm weather here in Albany.

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