TMZ reported that Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones got smacked upside the dome with a big azz bottle of champagne by a stripper. Now we know why!

The NFL baller was partying with some pals and teammates on the bus when, apparently, he got a little too handsy with one of the “strippers.” Note the quotation marks around “strippers.” The reason being, the woman, named Sweet Pea (LMAO), is not a stripper, but a hostess that works for a club in Miami.

When Jones got a little tipsy off the drank, his hands started wandering in places they shouldn’t be (without consent, of course). When Sweet Pea felt that she was sufficiently violated, she decided to bust Jones in the skull with a bottle of Ace of Spades champagne. An ambulance was called to help Jones, who was bleeding “everywhere.”

The situation could’ve been worse. One of Jacoby’s friends tried to retaliate but, luckily, his teammate Bryant McKinnie stepped in. Considering McKinnie stands at 6’8’’ and weighs in the neighborhood of 360 pounds, it’s safe to assume the situation was defused rather quickly.