Missy Elliott is a woman of her word. She and Timbaland promised to drop new tracks this month, and Misdemeanor delivered. She released both 'Triple Threat' and '9th Inning' at midnight tonight (Sept. 18).

The harsh critique of the current rap game, '9th Inning,' opens with horns and is pretty piano-driven. "You newcomers better sit back and take note," Elliott warns. Timbaland also makes a note to any haters who assume the duo were past their prime, "N----s think I'm over, but I still win." "Hit makin' / Hit breakin' / Party shakin' / Innovative / Groundbreaking / So creative / We be the most anticipated." Timba even takes a shot at Lady Gaga in the track -- the poor gal's been getting it from Madonna, and now this! But it's a worthwhile listen that it'll make most hip-hop heads think about the state of the industry.

On 'Triple Threat,' set to a beat and production that are inexplicably but unmistakably Timbaland's, Missy describes her multiple talents, boasting, "I slap whoever said I'm irrelevant." Get it, girl!

Elliott hasn't released any new music in seven years, and both '9th Inning' and 'Triple Threat' prove she really hasn't missed a beat -- and so do her live performances. She previously promised that her upcoming album, tentatively titled 'Block Party,' would have a futuristic feel -- and she delivered on that promise as well, seeing as these songs don't sound like anything else on the radio right now. Work it!