Poor Miguel. He’s one of the most humble, respectful and talented dudes in the game and now more people know him for his rasslin’ skills than his music. Of course I’m referring to the incident at the Billboard Music Awards last weekend when he leg dropped two female fans. It’s a blessing and a curse. It was one of the most embarrassing things I’ve ever seen happen to an artist, yet now he’s a household name. The question is, what happened? Miguel responded.

Miguel was hanging with the injured fan backstage after the incident. He explained that he got caught up in the moment, and that the jump wasn’t planned ahead of time.

“The crazy thing is that when you’re performing and you’re just kind of into it, you never really know how it’s gonna go and where you’re gonna go with it and how that might turn out. So this is kind of one of the less favorable moments.”

By the looks of the video, the recipient of the WWE maneuver was ok. By the way, is Miguel vertically challenged or is the chick an Amazon? He looks like one of Snow White’s dwarves standing next to her.