Soul crooner Miguel has released a colorful video for his new song ‘Adorn’ that is based on dreams and looks both artsy and sexy at the same time.

The video has a dreamy vibe from the get-go when a cloud of smoke pours in as Miguel speaks the intro, “Hello, I am your subconscious. Don’t be afraid. I am yours and yours alone.” The main object of his affection are ladies wearing mesh masks over their faces as he sings, “These lips can’t wait to taste your skin / And these eyes can’t wait to see your grin.

Miguel sports a couple of different looks. In some shots, he rocks a leather jacket and tough-guy look, while in others he takes on a more preppy style with a suit and loafers. The strange visual elements of the video aren’t intended to fit together. Viewers see a suitcase leaking water, cheerleaders practicing in the halls, and close-ups of Miguel’s mouth as he sings underwater.

Smoke and water are recurring themes in the clip, which is no coincidence. Miguel is rolling out his sophomore album, ‘Kaleidoscope Dream,’ in three stages. The three-song ‘Water Preview,’ featuring ‘Adorn,’ is available now on iTunes. The ‘Air Preview’ showcases another three songs and drops on Sept. 11, while the entire record arrives on Oct. 2.

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