Earlier this month, Migos caught some attention when they released 'Jealous' -- a Chief Keef diss track. It was a decent track, but Migos' main appeal was in their nimble, unfairly catchy delivery over a colorful beat. That side of the Atlanta trio is back on 'Charles Barkley.'

Of course, 'Charles Barkley' is barely even about basketball player Charles Barkley. The famed power forward is reduced to a name-drop as Migos manages to reference Muhammad Ali and 'Godfather 4' -- which must be an unreleased reality sequel that features 100 percent less Al Pacino and a lot more Migos.

It's all as absurd as it sounds, but the rappers sling punchlines over the playful Zaytoven-produced beat with every bit of the nonchalance present in their best songs.

Expect a lot more ridiculousness when Migos drops ‘YRN 2′ in January 2014.

Listen to Migos' 'Charles Barkley'