A middle school teacher has been suspended from an Atlanta-area middle school for assigning his students homework featuring Kodak Black lyrics.

The teacher worked for Bethune Middle School in DeKalb county, and wanted his students to change Kokak's lyrics from his song, “Drowning" into something positive. But the kid's parents weren't having it.

“It was really against everything I try to teach them, you know?" one parent,Crishana Wright told WSB-TV. "I’m reading all these words and I immediately asked her why she had this and she said it was an assignment.”

Following the uproar, the school released a statement denouncing the teacher's poor judgment.

“The assignment was inappropriate, unacceptable and contrary to our standards," the statement read. "The employee responsible has been removed from the classroom and will be held accountable for such poor judgment. While we encourage teacher creativity, the expectation is that the instruction is always standards-based and age appropriate.”

This isn't the first time DeKalb county has been embroiled in controversy. Remember the teaching scandal that made national headlines a few years back? At any rate, Kodak Black doesn't seem to have said anything about the incident as of yet. For his part, he's still riding high off of his recent featured with Cardi B on the "Bodak Yellow Remix" which was released earlier this week.

Take a look at the Kodak Black homework lesson below.



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