As of today (July 27), Method Man has quit social media "until further notice" after a photo of his wife suddenly surfaced on the internet. The Wu-Tang legend revealed the news on his Twitter accounts Tuesday, replacing his profile picture with a cartoon troll. He later replaced both photos with a blacked out profile picture. Meth expressed his disappointment in humanity on Twitter.

"I've lost faith in human decency and I will not feed the trolls any longer. F--k u all. 1," he wrote.

The beef started when the notoriously private Shaolin rapper asked gossip blogger, Farrah Gray to remove a photo of his wife of 20 years, who is also breast cancer survivor.

He tweeted, "I am asking if u could please take this down..My wife deserves her privacy and to be left alone.. Thank u!" he wrote.

After the first tweet, he tweeted Gray again, practically begging the blogger to take the photo down.

"I'll ask again could u Please take it down, if u hv any decency in u. Please!"

Very few people have actually seen Method Man's wife and little is known about her. She never attends industry events or walks red carpets with him and that level of privacy seems to work for them. The couple lives in Staten Island and have three children. Fans of Meth are disappointed in the recent social media events but for the most part they are sympathetic. One user tweeted, “I don’t blame you.”

Meth’s (now deleted) tweets can be seen in the image below. Moral of the story: Protect ya neck—and don't be an insensitive internet troll.


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