After the movie-turned-MTV-reality-show 'Catfish: The TV Show' premiered in 2012, the computer savvy are more careful about who they talk to online. However, even those who don't use certain social networks fall victim to the "catfish" trend. Method Man included.

Earlier today (April 22), the Wu-Tang Clan member took to Twitter to call out the person responsible for creating a fake Facebook profile to pose as him in an effort to meet women.

While it looks like the page has been removed, the person who created the Facebook profile has yet to be revealed.

This isn't the first time an artist has been involved in a catfish scandal. MTV's 'Catfish: The TV Show' detailed just what can happen when someone believes they're dating a rapper. For some time, Keyonnah had an online relationship with a person she thought was Bow Wow. However, hosts Nev and Max proved that it wasn't actually the rapper at all. Instead, it was a girl by the name of Dee Pimpin. Not only was Keyonnah furious but she also made it clear that she did not swing that way. A few weeks after the episode's premiere, Bow Wow invited all parties to BET's '106 and Park' to sort it out.

In other catfish news, one man posed as a woman to attempt to convince rapper Romeo as well as NBA players Paul George and Kenyon Martin to send him naked photos. Rap group World's Fair have also admitted to being catfished while they were at SXSW.