In hip-hop, rappers have been sued for a multitude of things. A violent altercation, not showing up for a paid gig or maybe even destroying hotel property. But being sued for causing someone to be sexually impotent? That's a new one.

According to TMZMeek Mill is being sued by a former Philadelphia cop for defamation as well as causing him to be sexually ineffective with his girlfriend.

The claims stem from a 2012 incident, in which the Dreams Chasers Records founder was stopped in his vehicle and searched for suspected marijuana possession. When the cops didn't find anything and Meek felt they had no just cause to pull him over, the rhymer later sued the city of Philadelphia and talked a lot of smack against the officers involved. Ultimately, the Meek lost the case.

As a result of all this, one of the officers said his career is over and his relationship with his girlfriend is completely ruined. He claims he can no longer perform sexually in the bedroom.

The Philly cop, who has yet to be named, is suing the rapper for a whopping $750,000 in damages due to his inability to work for an entire year.