For a guy who barely had a career, Shyne seems to be finding himself in a lot of beefs with dudes who are actually eating right now. A few months ago, he had trouble reaching for a kind word to say about Kendrick Lamar. Now he has another upstart in his crosshairs – Meek Mill. Shyne didn’t instigate this one, though.

After Shyne-Po praised Cassidy’s Meek Mill diss record, R.A.I.D., Mill tweeted the following:

“Ayo @OriginalShyne I see u hate all the young ni—as that’s out here getting! I can’t respect ya for that. A @OriginalShyne talking about shout out 2 a nigga that’s no good in the hood. I’m in my hood right now. Iced out foreign whips. That’s not G.”

Of course, Shyne had to respond. Oh, snap! I think we have a “tweef” here:

“@MeekMill Your great wit the raps! You in the streets, ok! But your boss is Donnie Brasco! Ice T from new jack city! How u justify that.”

The boss he was referring to is none other than Rick Ross. Yes, Rozay was a prison officer, but the Donnie Brasco comparison is a bit of a reach (in my opinion). The back-and-forth was finalized as Shyne acknowledged the Philly emcee’s integrity.