For the past six years, Meek Mill has been bumping heads with the Philadelphia District Attorney. The person appointed to his case has had a huge say in his career, in terms of where he can and cannot, and whether he can move out of state or not. The rapper isn't pleased one bit.

That's why he took to his Twitter account recently and hurled a bunch of insults at the D.A's office. According to the 'Dreams and Nightmares' creator, they've purposely been hounding him because he's famous.

"Every time I go 2 probation it's a new thing," Meek wrote in tweets that have since been deleted. "The D.A. on my case a racist. I caught that case when I was 18 [and] she's still bothering me....I go 2 court July 11th. I want every piece of press 2 see the way they try 2 handle my case because I'm famous."

But is he right? The Philadelphia court system could be trying to make an example out of him. Remember when a judge sent him to etiquette classes back in January?

And Meek has reportedly had a difficult time maximizing on his show opportunities because the D.A. has stood in his way from traveling freely, despite the fact he's being productive and staying away from crime.

"I been on probation almost 6 years without going back 2 jail," he tweeted. "I've been going 2 see probation every 30 days for almost 6 years."

In addition, he says the local powers that be don't want him to leave his hometown so he can fully prosper. "They want me 2 live in Philly so I can get killed or catch a dumb case and go 2 jail. They won't be happy til it happen," he shared.

Hopefully, the Philadelphia court system will ease up on Meek a bit. Could it be the D.A.'s office is being even harder on him after he filed a civil lawsuit against the city? Unfortunately, the Maybach Music Group signee lost the suit. He believed his civil rights were violated after he was pulled over by police in October 2012 without just cause.

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