Meek Mill doesn't give out free money! Not even for the homeless! You have to earn it...

Robin Marchant, Getty ImagesMeek

Meek Mill posted a series of videos on his Instagram account late Friday night when he ran into a homeless man panhandling on the street.  When asked if he could spare some change, Meek entertained the idea but not without a challenge.

"Give me ten pushups, and I'm going to give you $20 right now," Meek says. "We ain't giving out no free money."

Lisa Lake, Getty Images

The homeless man actually agreed to the challenge, dropping to the floor and hitting 20 push-ups while Meek recorded and counted up to twenty. All I can say is really Meek? You played yourself!

Meek is always flaunting how much money he has, expensive clothes, jewelry, etc., and yet couldn’t lend the homeless man $20 without asking for something in return. That says a lot. Since then he has deleted the posts off of his social media, maybe due to the all the negative backlash he’s been receiving, but if you search it