It seems Pastor Jomo K. Johnson is not too happy with the use of the term 'Amen' featured in Meek Mill's latest single. The pastor is organizing a boycott of the single "Amen," calling it blasphemous. Both Meek and Johnson called into their local station Hot 107.9 at the same time (yikes) to discuss their issues with each other but man did things get heated quick!

Meek went on first to explain to Johnson the many things he has done for his community and how he could judge him for that. To Meek it almost seemed as if Johnson was looking for publicity to draw more attention to his church.

"The way I'm looking at it, you want to be famous, or you want some money or you trying to get your church some money"

Meek told Johnson, he also went on to say,

"If you want that you could have came to me and said that or we could have had a talk about this. I'm out here feeding my family. For you to be talking about you trying to ban me—I done took 20, 30 drug dealers off the street. I'm out there passing them coats out to them kids. Where was you at?"

Johnson then mention how he spent "25 stacks moving back into the hood," while
Meek was in Miami making music.

"If you disrespect Jesus Christ and you disrespect the church, what do you think I'm going to do as a believer, listen you may be meek, but I'm not. If you disrespect our God, then we have a right to proclaim that,"

added Johnson. As the convo. goes on and on the two can not come to an agreement and eventually Q. Deezy had to let them go. Just to show you how serious Pastor Johnson, he's selling a $2.99 e-book titled No Amen: Why Boycotting Meek Mill Will Help Save Hip Hop. A little extreme but hey to each is own.

What do you think about Pastor Johnson's debate with Meek Mill? Watch the audio video below and leave a comment and let us know what you think!

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