Although the lyrical feud between Meek Mill and Drake seems to be a wrap, it looks as if the Philly rhymer still harbors some feelings about his beef with the Toronto rapper.

On Monday (Sept. 7), during his headlining set at the Fool’s Gold Day Off Festival in Brooklyn, N.Y., Meek barked at a fan who was waving a Drake sign in his face. The entire encounter was captured on video by a fellow concertgoer.

“Put that Drake sign up again, n----,” he yelled at the heckler. “F--- you talking about you f---ing clown. Don’t ever come in here and f---ing play with Meek Milly, trying to pick on me like I’m a f---ing dweeb or something.”

The "Lord Knows" rhymer had a member of his entourage jump into the crowd and proceed to walk toward the perpetrator as a form of intimidation. In a now deleted post on Instagram, Meek reportedly talked about the situation, stating that he didn't have to prove himself and that he's not addressing his feud with Drake anymore.

But we're still scratching our heads as to why anyone would bring a Drake poster to a Meek Mill show. That's like bringing a Lil' Kim poster to a Nicki Minaj show. You're bound to get confronted or tossed out.

It's bad enough there are trolls on the internet and now we have to worry about them at a rap concert. In any case, after his performance, Meek left in a hurry with his boo, Nicki, by his side, but not before he gave a huge pound to the homie Fabolous.

What do you think? Was Meek Mill right to check the fan for bringing a Drake sign to his show? Tell us in the comments below.

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