Beyonce's dad, Mathew Knowles, has been in and out of headlines over the years for his parenting skills -- or lack thereof. Now his former mistress, Alexsandra Wright, is claiming Knowles is the monster the media has painted him to be because he owes her more than $24,000 in overdue child support.In 2010, Knowles agreed to paying $12,000 per month in child support for Nixon, his 3-year-old son with Wright. However, he's seemingly missed out payments for the last two months. And while Beyonce's dad's former lover has every right to be angry over the back child support, rumor has it Wright is in dire need of the funds, reports TMZ. She's allegedly even had to take their son out of school because she simply can't afford it.

Wright released a statement regarding the needed child support in August, saying "it's with a heavy heart" she must continue the fight to give her son all that he deserves.

“It is with a heavy heart we must head back to Superior Court to continue the fight for the rights of my son Nixon Knowles, who has proven to be Mathew Knowles’ biological son. My family and I have exhausted every non-legal avenue to urge Mathew to be a responsible father and to follow the stipulated judgment we reached together, which was approved by California’s Superior Court. The official judgment was filed and dated September 10, 2010. Every detail was covered and agreed to by Mr Knowles after a year of private negotiation...," she wrote.

After courts determined Knowles was Nixon's father, Daddy dearest sent an email to his ex "friend" saying there would be "a price to pay" for "hurting his family."

Knowles has not released an official statement on the matter.