People make up all kinds of stuff to post online. The latest was a claim on marijuana's ability to fight off ebola.

This is simply not true. There has been no scientific evidence that marijuana and ebola have anything to do with each other.

That doesn't stop marijuana advocates from being optimistic. Marijuana does have the ability to ability to kill viruses, according to Dr. David B. Allen, the medical director for Cannabis Sativa, Inc.

He stated that cannabis is a genuine regulator of the immune system processes for those suffering from HIV. Dr. Allen says that it only makes sense that the herb could prevent hemorrhaging and cell leaking, two of the deadliest factors associated with Ebola.

Keep in mind this all comes from "High Times" magazine, a leading advocate magazine for the legalization of marijuana.

This sounds like someone reaching for more reasons to make Marijuana legal. This hurts their cause because it all sounds like a conspiracy theory when you start making statements with no proof.