Before Mariah Carey dropped her brand new single ‘Triumphant‘ today, she chatted with media members about the song via conference call, which we were fortunate enough to be a part of. Carey sounded beyond pleased with her new track and well, she should be, since it’s pretty much classic Mariah Carey, modernized by Maybach Music Group’s Rick Ross and Meek Mill.

“Working with Ross and Meek on the same record was incredible,” Carey, who had just woken up a little earlier since she was up late working on new music, said. A diva’s work is never done.

She continued, “Obviously, Rick Ross is a huge star and everybody loves him. I am a fan of his music. I really wanted to work with him. I love the tone of his voice and I felt the contrast between his voice and my voice was going to be something special. I love to do collaborations that people might think are different, so that was nice.”

Besides being stoked about working with Ricky Rozay and Mill, the diva also revealed that “‘Triumphant’ was “written during some difficult times and to inspire other people. That’s why it was nice that both Rick and Meek got on the record. It’s not, ‘Oh, it’s inspirational,’ but it has a message to it. They understood that.” She also said she wanted her vocals to have a passionate soul to them, which is pretty much par for the course with her.

The diva with a capital D and new ‘American Idoljudge also proclaimed that “working with new people keeps me going.”

Carey also shed a little light on her as-yet untitled new disc, saying she would not be “following any particular trend. I want it to be well-received and I want to stay true to myself and the music that I love and make the fans happy.” Those are certainly noble goals and if anyone can accomplish them, it’s Mariah Freakin’ Carey.

The album won’t be titled until it’s done and in the books, either. The finished product is what inspires her title. “I’ve gotta live with it for a little while and then decide,” she shared.

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