Mariah Carey is cooking up some laughs in a hilarious video she filmed for Funny or Die. The comical clip pokes fun at cooking shows and the Grammy-winning R&B songbird.

In the hilarious skit, titled "Cooking with Mariah Carey," the "We Belong Together" singer and Funny or Die writer Bryan Safi make a Frito pie and it looks awful. The dish was inspired by the singer’s song “Infinity,” which appears on her upcoming greatest hits album, #1 to Infinity. On the song, Carey sings, “Boy you actin’ so corny like Fritos.”

As the duo prepare their Frito pie, which consists of chips, lettuce, olive oil and M&M candies (gross!), Mimi explains the inspiration behind the song.

“I had an Italian lover named Frito years ago,” she recalls. “Frito stole my car. So he was kind of a jerk.”

Also, Carey seemingly throws some shade at her nemesis Eminem when Safi asked if she has ever written a song about M&Ms. “It’s not that deep enough subject matter for me,” she quips.

Filmmaker Brett Ratner, who is rumored to be dating Carey, also stops by and eats a handful of Frito pie, which he quickly spits out off-camera.

In the end, it’s fun to see Carey poke fun at herself while promoting her new project. As for the Frito pie, we’ll take a pass on it. Thanks.

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