A man on Divorce Court admitted that he didn’t return his fiancée’s car because he was playing basketball with OMB Peezy.

On a recent episode of Divorce Court, which was posted on YouTube last Saturday (April 30), Christina Smalls and George Artis, who have been engaged for two years, were hashing out some of their relationship issues in front of Judge Faith Jenkins.

One of those issues is Artis’ lack of responsibility, according to Smalls. “George is very inconsiderate, and he asked one day to use my car to go play basketball,” she explained.

Smalls went on to say that she allowed Artis to take the car if he promised to return it so she could run errands after work. He promised. However, when it was time to return the car, the bride-to-be couldn’t reach Artis on the phone.

“5:30 came, no sign of George. I start calling George, [and] he will not answer the phone,” Smalls told Judge Jenkins. “I go check my social media, he’s posting on his [Instagram Stories] of the basketball player, but he’s not answering my phone calls.”

Smalls said Artis returned the car three hours later, much to her anger and disappointment.

When Judge Jenkins asked Artis why he was late returning the car, he said that he was playing basketball with one of his favorite rappers from Alabama.

“It was OMB Peezy, one of my favorite rappers from Alabama,” the husband-to-be explained to the judge. “And he was out there playing basketball with us, and time had just slipped. We were just talking and carrying on, and yes, I should have answered the phone and just let her know that I was gonna be a little bit late. Instead, I just played and just chilled with them. ...Once in a lifetime, couldn’t pass it up.”

Judge Jenkins didn’t seem satisfied with his answer, but she did ask him what happened when he got home. “I had to duck,” Artis said, explaining that his fiancée was “furious” and may have thrown an object at him in a fit of rage for not returning the car on time.

OMB Peezy caught wind of the couple’s appearance on Divorce Court and shared a clip of it on his Instagram page. In the caption, the "Big Homie" rapper wrote, “Spare dat man we was hoopin’,” along with a face-palm emoji and a couple of tears of joy emojis to represent his laughter.

As for the couple, Judge Jenkins gave them a good scolding and told Smalls and Artis they had to work on their issues and have good communication with each other before they get married.

Watch the Divorce Court episode below. Fast-forward to the 8-minute mark to watch the man explain why he didn’t return his fiancée’s car because he was hooping with OMB Peezy.

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