Ryan Eddy Watenpaugh, 34, of Palo Cedro, was arrested Thursday on animal cruelty and other charges. After he allegedly killed his girlfriend's dog and served it to her as a candle lit dinner.

Last week Watenpaugh and the victim briefly reconciled and he cooked her a meal that was purported to be pork on Saturday. The next day, “the victim received a text message from Watenpaugh asking how her dog tasted, and referenced the meal he had cooked for her," police said. A pair of severed dog’s paws was later left on her doorstep.

He must not have seen happened to Mike Vick for killing a dog ? He is going to go to jail for a stupid crime of passion. His bail is 250,000, that is an indicator of how severe the penalty will be for this crime. There are several millions of women out here Ryan, no one should be able to make you that mad that you turn into a raging idiot killing an innocent dog.