Hello everyone!! Yes, it's Monday, and it's back to reality, work and school for most of us. So I thought I'd turn that Monday I-don't-wanna-work frown upside down and share a heartwarming story that happened over the weekend thanks to the Make a Wish Foundation.

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Five-year-old Miles is battling leukemia and his one and only wish to be granted by the Make a Wish Foundation was to be Batkid and turn San Fran into Gotham City so he could save the day! With the help of 7,000 plus volunteers, they made this very wish happen.

What an extraordinary imagination this cute little Miles has, and I am so happy to hear that his dream was made a reality for the day. He battled the very evil Penguin and Riddler, with his dad "Batman" and brother "Robin" by his side, received a key to the city from the mayor, and even got some Twitter and Vine love from President Obama!!

I just love this story and had to share it with all of you! It really makes you stop and think about how lucky we are and question our trivial little complaints when you hear of these brave children battling cancer and other diseases. Hug and love everyone and everything around you. Check out video of Miles' day living as a superhero below. And big ups to Make a Wish for making this happen! You will just love this story!