If you are tired of hearing Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' song 'Thrift Shop' on the radio, you might sympathize with this Colorado woman.

According to The Smoking Gun, Colorado police were summoned to Samantha Malson's home last Saturday (April 6) after she allegedly pummeled her boyfriend for repeatedly singing the rap duo's song 25 times in a row. Good grief.

Apparently, her boyfriend, Lars Hensen, was celebrating his 26th birthday and was drinking all night. When Malson came home, she was upset that he drank all the liquor in the house.

The 23-year-old woman briefly left the home and returned singing Macklemore's tune 'Thrift Shop.' This prompted her boyfriend to rap the song 25 times. After Malson repeatedly told him to stop singing, to no avail, she allegedly punched and choked him.

"He just annoyed me," Malson confessed to police. "I grabbed him around the throat” and “I did it for intimidation.” Investigators also added that the couple was inebriated at the time of the fight.

Malson, who is a nursing assistant, was arrested and charged with harassment, domestic violence and assault. She was eventually released on bond. No word if Malson's boyfriend moved out of the home, but we suggest that he doesn't play 'Thrift Shop' near her anytime soon.

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