Polarizing rap star Lupe Fiasco dropped by Hot 97's 'The Morning Show' to discuss a few things going on in his life. The Chicago rapper is currently promoting his anti-cancer track 'Mission' and his work with We Are On a Mission campaign.

Fiasco said the song was inspired by friends and family who died from the disease. "My grandmother passed away from cancer -- very quick though," he said. "It wasn’t a long drawn out... it wasn’t no chemotherapy treatment."

The conversation then switched to Fiasco's song 'THOT 97' and why the station's playlist doesn't offer any diversity.

This also sparked a heated debate with co-host Peter Rosenberg who asked Fiasco if he liked Kendrick Lamar's classic debut album, 'good kid, m.A.A.d. city.' When Rosenberg said that K.Dot is the best MC in the game Fiasco called him a "nut-hugger."

The 'Bitch Bad' artist then suggested that rappers Logic, King Los and Cassidy were lyrically better than the Compton rhymer, which sent Rosenberg into a tizzy.

"Listen, Kendrick is ill," said Fiasco while explaining his point. "He's super ill. To me, the whole TDE team is the illest team. They're the illest team that I've seen in maybe five years. Ab-Soul's on the album. That's my homie... I'm trying to work with SZA right now. I love the creative collective they got. As an MC, I wish I had that."

"Lyrically, no, I don't think [Kendrick Lamar is the best]," he adds. "To me, MF DOOM is the best."

While Fiasco made some valid points in his argument, Rosenberg wasn't satisfied and accused him of trolling. In the end, the two agreed to disagree on the subject of who is the best MC. The rhymer also shared some key guest appearances on 'Tetsuo & Youth,' the follow-up to 2012's 'Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1.'

Do you agree with Lupe Fiasco? Is Kendrick Lamar the best rapper in the game or is Peter Rosenberg nut-hugging? Tell us in the comments below.