Lupe Fiasco claims he was visited by aliens as a child. We’ve always considered Lupe’s talent to be out-of-this-world, but, really? He spoke to Big Boy from Power 106 about being visited by ET.

He even suggests a mysterious scar on his leg may be a result from the visit. He remembers waking up, being surrounded by blue electricity and seeing a black disc fly away.

“When I was 11, I definitely had an extra-worldly experience. I got a scar on the bottom of my ankle, and I don’t know where it came from – I never had surgery there, I never remember falling there. I’ve done martial arts my whole life, it could be something from that. I remember waking up and just being shocked, like I was surrounded by all this electricity. I was trying to wake my cousin up and roll out of bed and I couldn’t move, right? And then I was surrounded by this blue electricity and then it stops and I look out the window and I see a black disc fly down in front of the window, sits there and then flies out.”

I’m thinkin’ Lupe must’ve been blowin’ some strange clouds before the interview.