Lupe Fiasco is dope, plain and simple. We've known that for quite some time. But now folks may develop an even deeper appreciation for the rapper after seeing him come straight off the dome during a 'Sway in the Morning' freestyle session.

As many know, when many of today's MCs say they're about to freestyle, it usually means they're going to kick one of their favorite verses -- one they've probably rehearsed a dozen times and spit even more than that. There's even some rappers who will spit a verse straight from their album and call it a freestyle -- not a freestyle by any means.

Lupe understands the difference and the art of the craft. Everything he rhymes in this freestyle is off-the-cuff plus he lands some very impressive punchlines and maintains a smooth, nearly flawless delivery.

"Introduce the young boy Westside, Chi-Town, my town / Come through you got to bow down... / I enter you like integers that's a negative and ones / And guns I got plenty of them / But I'm cool I'm calm I'm positive / But I'll knock a n---- head off with the llama kid," spits the intelligent MC.

After the freestyle, Sway, his partner Heather B and others in the studio seemed thoroughly impressed with Lupe's ability to rely on rhymes that weren't pre-written. In fact, Sway puts the dreadlocked rapper in the same class as Eminem, Craig G and Juice when it comes to having the best freestyles on his show.

The Chicago lyricist also reminded people to check out his new cancer-inspired song, 'Mission,' which will be featured on his forthcoming LP, 'Tetsuo & Youth.' You can view the promotional clip below. He also said there will be a full video for the song in the very near future.

Watch the Promotional Video for Lupe Fiasco's New Single 'Mission'