Lupe Fiasco is willing to concede that Kendrick Lamar makes better music than him. The opinionated artist admitted to Kendrick's superiority in a conversation with some users on Twitter. A fan told Lupe that his music isn't as good as the TDE MC's. Lupe agreed but felt that he and Kendrick were evenly matched when it comes to rapping.

"Musically no...straight up rapping tho? We might have to go to the judges on that...either way," Lupe Fiasco said. "He in, I'm out."

The whole topic of Kendrick Lamar vs. Lupe Fiasco began when a fan challenged the latter on social media. The Lupe fan said the Chicago rapper was meant to be what Kendrick is today.

"In 06 I believed you were supposed to be what Kendrick now is for the culture," the Twitter user wrote. "You were supposed to be the voice what happen."

Lupe Fiasco already got into some Twitter antics today (Sept. 14) when he seemingly dissed Kid Cudi. The "Day N Nite" rapper went on rant about the music industry which prompted a critique from Lupe.

"Told y’all about these funny style ass niggaz…constantly biting that hands that feed them," Lupe wrote in some since-deleted tweets. "Trust if I point a nigga out for being foul or having a shitty moral and/or ethical compass it’s worth it’s weight in ramen in prison! Haha."

Lupe Fiasco said his tweets were a public service. He told his followers to not let lames be their role models.

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