Ludacris dropped a new mixtape, #IDGAF, a few months back. It’s been about 3 years since he’s dropped a commercial studio album, though. A song off that album, Battle of the Sexes, may end up costing the Atlanta rapper a pretty penny.

A rapper named Marvo is suing Luda, claiming he came up with the original concept of the Sex Room track, featuring Trigga Trey Songz. The plaintiff also claims that Luda used a good portion of his lyrics and has not received any payment. The track was produced by Kajun, who was working with both emcees at the time.

I’ve never heard of Marvo. He has a few videos on YouTube and some songs on various mixtape sites but I couldn’t find much about him anywhere else. His videos only have a few thousand views each, so I’m not sure how big of a fan base he has. His most successful vid, for the song Just A Dream, has about 75,000 views. Like I said, I haven’t found a lot of info about him, but dude looks like he’s 14. If my estimate is accurate, it would seem strange for an 11 year-old to come up with the concept of a song called Sex Room.

In the mean time, Luda has been chipping away at his upcoming release, Ludaversal, which is expected to come out sometime this fall. Don’t bank on it yet, though. It was originally supposed to come out LAST September.