So weeknights I like to turn up the sexy on HOT After Dark, not only by playing sexy R&B joints but by having some adult conversation! Last night’s Love & War question had the Internet a buzz! Let’s see what some of you thought of last night's Love & War question last time on HOT After Dark!


So last LOVE & War I asked what would you do if you discovered the person you are with was secretly on the down low? Hmmm...this issue is a bit controversial & the reactions you gave on Facebook showed it.

Now we have seen celebrities like Star Jones get the shocker of a lifetime to find out her husband had a secret life "on the down low" as a bisexual man. How would you react if this happened to you?

Not to make it one sided, so I have to flip it to ask the guys the same thing. How would they feel if their wife/girlfriend was bisexual?

Would you be mad & flip out? Would you understand their internal struggle? Would you disown the person? Or would you continue to support them but break up with them? Or would you join in & make it a threesome?

There were a variety of responses from Facebook so let's check them out now!




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