So every night ladies & gentlemen I pose the Love & War question of the night on you. Let's recap last night's Love & War question & topical discussion to see what some of you had to say!

Last night on HOT After Dark with Linda Love I asked you, my listener, if you really think opposites attract. well do they? Don't they? Only you, by your dating history & experience can voice how you feel about this!

I feel like for me personally I need to be dating a guy who has a similar lifestyle as me. You know a non-smoker, someone who loves or at the very least can tolerate & is not allergic to cats, & someone who is neat like me cause I am OCD! Well, I got 2 out of the 3 in my man so I feel like I am doin aight in that department! LOL hey, you can't get everything that's on your wishlist!

So the Love & War question opened up a can of worms, as always & some of you had alot to say! Let's see how Facebook responded...







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Shoutout to Melissa, Gerald & everyone else who were brave enough to give me their feedback! I guess opposites really do attract!

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