First we had to deal with Lyme disease. But now a tick that could affect your ability to eat red meat?

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If you love a thick juicy steak, there is a new creepy crawly parasite that has made its way to the state of New York that you do not want to run into. And the meat issue is not even the worst of this blood sucking critter.


Ya know, this is just the way things go right? Even though Lyme disease is no picnic, it does seem we are way more educated these days on not just prevention, but also its symptoms if we ever cross paths with a deer tick. We are more equipped to deal with the infection. But when it comes to tick borne illnesses, there is no letting your guard down and now there is another rearing its ugly head in New York that you need to be aware of.

The Dangerous Lonestar Tick Is Here In Upstate New York

According to a Weather Channel story, due to our warming climate the Lonestar tick, which is usually common in warm & humid southern areas, has been making its way north.

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The Weather Channel says the Lonestar tick, circled in the photo above, can carry Alpha-Gal Syndrome, which can cause swelling, severe itching, anaphylaxis, and even death

This syndrome is also known to cause one other very odd, and for steak lovers, an earth shattering symptom: it can cause a serious meat allergy!

So how common are these ticks in Upstate NY At This Point? As we reported in 2020 they have been spotted mostly on Long Island, but New York Upstate did have one report of the tick being found in the Syracuse area in Onondaga County. The New York Times also says they have been spreading into the Northeast, and have been found as far north as Maine.

Just like any tick, you just want to avoid these suckers (Pun intended). So cover up when heading out into the great outdoors, and always do the requisite tick check. As you can see in the photo above, at least this tick is larger and easier spot - so keep your eyes peeled this summer!

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