In case you missed it (or just live under a rock), the season 3 premiere of 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' jumped straight into the drama. And this week's episode sticks with the same theme.

But first, let's recap what went down in the first episode. After wooing Mimi and making her believe he had something to offer her, Nikko showed his ass when being forced to explain how the couple's sex tape was leaked. And of course his, "let's talk about how we can capitalize off this" moment had his chick ready to start swinging -- actually, that was Stevie J when he got wind of the news. Mimi was just shedding fake tears for the camera. You know she's all about those ratings. Momma Dee was quick to put Scrappy's new boo boo, Bambi, in her place, but surprisingly Scrap didn't stand by and let it happen. Guess he finally grew up after all the drama with Erika went down. And then of course there was Kirk. He's a tool #ThatIsAll.

Now that you have the new season rundown, let's jump into Monday night's (May 12) "c'mon son" scenarios.

It seems like every show is set to start with Nikko saying something stupid and Mimi giving her signature Rottweiler scowl as Mr. Smith attempts to justify his stupidity with a straight face. The last episode ended with Nikko trying to stomp Stevie J's face over a fence after being confronted about the sex tape appearing online.

So it's only right that episode 3 starts off with Nikko and Mimi discussing the sex tape. "So I forgot to tell you the other night I'm coming out of the gym, and guess who pulls up to greet me: Steven Jordan. He got the nerve to ask me did I leak the pictures on MediaTakeOut. But then I had to tell him, de doesn't know about the deal. I had to expose that to him." C'mon, son! You can't be that dumb. We all know Stevie's crazy, and you know he and Mimi have a kid together. Did you not see any problem with you letting it all hang out to this man? (all puns intended).

Before Nikko can further explain how he told Stevie about the "paper [they're] about to make," Mimi has to pull over because she looks like she's about to whoop that ass. "I'm gonna be fightin' with this mothaf---a for God knows how long and you're over here trying to make my life a living hell, do you know that?" Mimi replies. Go 'head, girl! But know none of us believe you right? You signed the deal remember? You had options, you just wanted that check. Quit playin'.

While that mess continues to run in circles, Scrappy continues to show he's not a one-woman man. He has Bambi, who is the chick you can "smash and then go hoop with," but then he just can't stay away from Erica Pinkett, not to be confused with his baby mama Erika. When Pinkett invites Scrap over for what looks like a nightcap, he gets all baffled and shy like a 12-year-old boy. The caramel thickums sitting in front of him asks to take their friendship to another level. "Ever since rehab I'm trying to be a better person. You know, treat my lady Bam with some respect," Scrappy responds. So then why are you at this chick's house late at night sipping wine with the candles lit? Just choose one, dude. You've seen the commercials, herpes is real. Plus, Bambi's pregnant, according to this episode.

But while Scrappy can't figure out who he wants to play with, his baby mama Erika is running around with her new beau, Oshea the Model. Things look all good as she's introducing him to Karlie Redd and Yung Joc at Stars & Strikes bowling alley, but when Joc offers to pick up the bill, Oshea is quick to say, "Nah, I got it." Then, when Karlie and her new rapping boyfriend leave the building, he turns to Erika and says, "Let me see your card." Where they do that at? The check was covered, then you had to offer to pay but with your woman's card. C'mon, Erika, you can do better than that.

Meanwhile, Kirk Frost is busy anxiously awaiting baby Karter's DNA results. He's wondering what he'll do if he finds out the kid isn't his. Dear Kirk, you're an idiot. How many times does anyone have to tell you, you are the father.

Kirk meets with Scrappy before the results come back to tells him what was going on. His explanation is priceless. "A baby come out they vagina, and we have to take they word when they say it's yours." Kirk, you're married. You've been married. All the children before Karter were yours. And Karter is no different. But the jaw-dropping moment is Kirk having the audacity to say, "I'm scarred emotionally" because of this. Bye, Kirk.

Once the DNA results are in, Kirk is classy enough to ask his bar waitress to open up the envelope, and of course, she's just standing wide-eyed and confused. He reads the letter and stands up, throwing his hands in the air: "I am the father. Thank you, Lord. This actually restores my faith in Rasheeda." Does anyone else feel like NeNe Leakes should make an appearance on the show, and check Kirk real quick? She's good for that these days.

There's plenty more to talk about, but it's time to wrap this up. Karlie and Joc, we'll get to your mess next week. Stay tuned.

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