I felt like last winter in Upstate New York was an especially snowy one. Maybe not a frigid cold as some years in the past, but it seems like snow totals were above average.

Well, if you thought the snow in 2020 was impressive, just wait until the snow starts piling up this year. Early forecasters are predicting a REALLY snowy winter will have a lot of lake effect snow.

Accuweather forecasters are predicting below-normal temperatures and 25% to 50% more snow than normal this winter from Minnesota to Maine -- including Upstate New York.

The National Weather Service doesn't exactly agree with Accuweather though. They are forecasting a winter with a lot of precipitation, but with temperatures that will be warmer than average so there won't be as much snow. However, throw in some elevation like around the Capital Region and you've got a perfect recipe for deep snow.

The big "what if" when it comes to this year's winter snow forecast is if a La Nina develops in the eastern Pacific Ocean. If that happens, and right now forecasters are saying there's a 70% to 80% chance of a La Nina. La Nina brings colder air down from the north and creates better conditions for lots of snow. Last year was a La Nina winter and it was one of the snowiest in years in Upstate New York.

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