There is a movement called #bettywhitechallenge that is asking for donations to local animal shelters in honor of the late Betty White and her dedication to helping animals in need. But there is a different movement that is happening at the Saratoga County Animal Shelter that is asking to give Betty White a new "leash" on life.

Betty White is a Sweet Girl That Needs a Home

The Saratoga County Animal Shelter is trying to get this sweet girl adopted in her golden years. She is a ten-year-old large breed mix-terrier. She is listed as their "best friend" much like her namesake. Even though she is a bit older, she deserves to be in a loving home. They say she is a sweet, sassy, and loveable lady plus she's a bit goofy too. She's loved by the entire staff and volunteers.

This is Betty White's Second Stay at the Shelter

Betty White was in the shelter the first time for over a year. It was 382 days to be exact and they are hoping it doesn't take that long to find her the next family to make them complete.

Here's What Betty White is Looking for in a Family

Betty White needs to be the only animal in the house and she is great with older kidss. She loves all adults that she meets. She just wants to find that home where she can cuddle up on the couch and play from time to time. She really needs a real home to live out her "golden girl" years.

Betty White Knows What She Likes and What She Can Do

Sweet Betty White loves to go for car rides and knows her basic commands. She is easy to walk on her leash. She also love to play with durable toys. For being 10 she sure has a lot of fun. The shelter says.

There is no sweeter girl than our Miss Betty White!

How Can You Adopt Sweet Miss Betty White?

If you are interested in Betty White at the Saratoga County Animal Shelter, just call 518-885-4113 to set up an appointment to meet her. You can check out more pictures and information by clicking HERE.

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