Locksmith continues his steady supply of new music videos from the 'A Thousand Cuts' album with 'Free.'

In the video for the triumphant track, which features singer Rebecca Nobel, Locksmith hits the beaches and streets of Los Angeles.

The vibrant production of 'Free' is matched by the colorful imagery of a California beach and sunny skyline shown throughout the video. And while the vibe is relaxing, Locksmith's pen game is still ever sharp.

"I signed a deal, thinking I should have blown / I figured out I was better off on my own / Thinking what could have been and what didn't was just as wrong / So I put it to the side and I focused on what is known / Dealing with the admission of what I could see was missing / Try to give you my thoughts, but they rather just be dismissive / And I might as well be in prison, note to self / Never ride or lock in with a n---- that doesn't see your vision / Trippin' but I'm happy to shake 'em / See your past me with staying, but I'm past the occasion / Try'na gas me, I'm skating / You think these industry n----s is real friends, you are sadly mistaken," he rhymes.

Locksmith's album 'A Thousand Cuts' is available now on iTunes and Amazon.