The drama filled Evelyn Lozada & ex-fiance of Chad Ochocinco Johnson, debuted her own show on Oprah's OWN Network yesterday. Evelyn Lozada once was livin la vida loca, but is now Livin Lozada.


Evelyn Lozada rose to fame as the hot headed latina on Basketball Wives Miami. Her crazy antics got her alot of public attention, which was not always good but her success has been very fortunate.

Her appearance on Ivanya Vanzant's "Fix My Life" was a desperate cry for some guidance. Since then, she has found love again with LA Dodgers Carl Crawford & new baby Carl Jr.

Her show "Livin Lozada" follows her & her daughter Shaniece around their lives in LA. Evelyn wants to be a positive inspiration for women & girls & empower them to get out of abusive relationships.