If you were going to recommend a place to eat to a close friend, where would you tell them to go? That's what we're trying to figure out. We want to know the Capital Region's favorite restaurants.

There are 14 restaurant categories, from pizza to fine dining: you can submit all of your favorite places to grab a meal in each one! Nominations start May 4 and will close May 18.

To nominate your favorite local business, add the names of the businesses in the blank space below their category. At the end of the nomination period, all businesses with the most nominations will be added to the final voting list.

Final voting will start May 18 and will end May 25. The winning businesses will be announced on-air by May 31. All winners will receive a plaque to display in their business.

Don't miss your chance to help your favorite businesses and also find other great businesses in the Capital Region!