During a raid at Justin Bieber’s home in Calabasas, Calif., today (Jan. 14), rapper Lil Za was arrested and charged with felony narcotics possession.

According to Hollywood Life, Det. Dave Thompson told reporters at a press conference that a substance "believed to be cocaine" was discovered in the home by Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies. The substance was in "plain view of the deputies when they were looking for other evidence."

Za, born Xavier Smith, is a frequent guest at Bieber's home. The latter was not arrested during the afternoon raid.

Police were at the singer's home to search for clues in connection to an egg-throwing incident at his neighbor’s house. The victim is accusing Bieber of the act and claims that $20,000 worth of property damage was caused by the vandalism.

No word on how much cocaine police found in the home. In addition, Bieber could be facing criminal charges as well.

“As long as the search warrant is valid, and the deputies are lawfully on his property, any illegal items or contraband they find during the search can be seized from the premises,” said an attorney to Hollywood Life. "Any such item(s) can then subject Bieber to criminal prosecution, even if unrelated to the initial reasons for search.”