Rappers own fleets of cars, collections of chains, closets full of clothes and more, but of course these items cost money—lots of it. And that's not even factoring in any of their monthly bills. Lil Yachty has opened up about his monthly expenses while emphasizing the importance of having more than one stream of income.

During an appearance on Gillie Da Kid and social media influencer Wallo267's Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, which aired on Sunday (March 21), Yachty explained that his monthly bills amount to $52,000.

"Every month, I got $52,000 in bills," Boat said. "Monthly, you know what I'm saying? And, I have to work ... Let's say I got $13 million in the bank, right? If my overhead is $52,000 every month ’cause of my houses, and my staff and cars and insurance and all these things I take care of and all these people, that $13 [million] will run down. Because that's just the bills. I still like to live. I'm still a rapper. I still wanna go to nice dinners, fly my girl out, go to see my girl. We still wanna do all these things."

Lil Yachty added, "You have to be making money while you're sleeping. Never just have one source of income. Even if it's six figures. Niggas could be making $200[,000] a show, six shows a week, but that still should not be the only bag. And I think it's so dumb if you just let the money sit in the bank account. That's dumb. ’Cause it's just sitting, it's just there. It's yours, of course, but it's not going up unless you make it go up. It's so many things you could do to make that money double, triple while you sleep, while you snoring, while you working for the other job."

The conversation about the Quality Control Music artist's expenses stemmed from a talk about the coronavirus pandemic's impact on rappers and them realizing how much they have to maintain financially once the checks stop coming in consistently.

Elsewhere in the interview, Lil Yachty revealed that he has a nail polish line on the way as well as frozen pizzas.

Last month, it was reported that the Atlanta native is making a heist movie based on the Uno card game. Yachty partnered with Reese's Puff cereal back in December and received his own cereal box. So it's evident that he's practicing what he's preaching about multiple sources of income.

Check out Lil Boat speak on his monthly bills around the 1:16:16-mark below.

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