After giving us a taste of 'D'usse' -- arguably his best song in years, which he released in full shortly after -- last week, Lil Wayne returns with another serving of new music in the latest episode of his weekly vlog, 'Weezy Wednesdays.'

Birdman Jr. invites us into the studio where he performs a new song called 'Tina Turn Up Needs a Tune Up' with a little help from Young Money fledglings Lil Twist and Euro, aka "The Maintenance Men." The comical track clearly has Lil Wayne excited as he bounces around the booth while puffing on a blunt, but don't expect to be replicating his energy.

As hilariously alliterative as the title is, Lil Wayne barely spits a full four bars before repeating a line or reverting back to the hook. Ain't nobody got time for kids chanting all over a rap record, either. Considering he just performed the song in full for a vlog, we can assume this won't be making 'Tha Carter V.' That is definitely for the best.