Skateboarding is usually associated with underground street culture and rock music, but it’s a way of life for rapper Lil Wayne. Weezy’s passion for riding landed him (and his bros) the summer cover of CCS, a skate mag.

He shared the shot via Facebook. The shoot took place on Saturday (April 21) in California. With a cover tag that screams “Get Live. Get Loud,” Weezy looks like he should be cruising up and down a ramp with his homies.

In behind-the-scenes footage, Weezy says, “I just want to introduce my world to their world.” He continues, “I’m trying to bring you into their world so you can see why I wanna do this and I why I love this so much.” Worlds and cultures collide, courtesy of Lil Wayne. He’s a cultural uniter and reformer!

MTV also reports that the mag will feature images of Trukfit, the rapper’s clothing line, which is skater influenced and inspired. The threads are available for purchase via the mag’s site, too. So grab a copy of the issue and then start shopping for some Lil Wayne skate duds.

Watch the Behind-the-Scenes of the CCS Photo Shoot

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