Ever since the seizure that took place in March, leading to false reports that he was on his deathbed, the music world and fans have been concerned about rapper Lil Wayne's health. However, Weezy has taken another moment to assure fans that he is on the mend and offer some details about what happens when he suffers seizures, which have become more and more frequent.

In a chat with MTV, Weezy said that he can't really offer much elucidation about the episodes, since he completely blacks out and has no memory after the fact. He likened the incidents to sleeping.

"So everybody knows, I don't know that it happens," the rapper revealed. "I go to sleep and wake up in the hospital. I don't feel anything. I just hope it stops happening. There's no warning, no nothing. I don't feel sick."

It sounds like the seizures, which are related to his epilepsy, come on strong and without any sort of heads up -- certainly hard to deal with or adjust to when there is no warning.

Wayne did say that he gets really bad headaches, but that they didn't seem related to the seizures.

He shared that he is following the advice of his doctors, which is to sleep and eat right! Other than that, he is OK.

So, eat your vegetables and get at least eight hours a night, Weezy!

Watch Lil Wayne Discuss His Seizures