Is Nicki Minaj voting for Mitt Romney? That’s the question everyone is asking after hearing the new Lil Wayne ‘Mercy’ remix, which features a verse from Minaj in which she suggests she will vote for the Republican presidential candidate.

The remix keeps the slowed-down hook and island-flavored piano riff of the Kanye West track ‘Mercy’ but replaces its G.O.O.D. Music stars with Nicki and Weezy. Minaj opens the remix and asserts her dominance with the lines, “All you n—-s want some Nick cake / If you eat a– I got a thick plate / Weezy, Weezy don’t we do this very easy / I came from Trinidad on a temporary visa / Cause motherf—ers know I put the hex on b—-es / I f— a b—- over like I’m sexing b—-es.”

At the end of her verse, Minaj offers the surprising rhyme, “I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney / You lazy b—-es is fucking up the economy.” Whether Nicki is serious or is simply playing the role of a Republican for that lyric is unclear, but considering that Minaj’s next line is, “Out in Miami I be chilling with a zombie,” it’s hard to take her words too literally.

Wayne sticks to the formula of rapping about sex and weed: “I get the most p—- n—- / I’m popping percs, I’m sipping lean, smoking pot like cooking dinner / My homie T roll up my blunt, skinnier than Rex Ryan / I’m counting money, I’m smoking plants, call that sh– math and science.

The ‘Mercy’ remix appears on Lil Wayne’s latest mixtape, ‘Dedication 4,’ which fans can download for free.

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